This series of 3 spots for Samdex won Bronze at this year’s Cannes Advertising Festival.  The dark humoured commercials tell the ‘worst moment’ of 3 baggage handlers’ day before going to the airport to handle ‘your luggage’. The moral of the story, buy luggage strong enough to withstand the anger and upset of someone’s else’s bad day.

The director Bernie Roux explains, ‘it was a great set of scripts and what most attracted me most was the agency did not want to show the ‘target audience’, this  allowed me to cast characters instead of ‘aspirational pretty faces’ and explore the concept of ‘beautiful ugly’ in the art direction’. To capture that ‘worst moment’, Bernie slowed a 5-7 second moment down into 45 seconds of screen time. Bernie also chose to shoot all 3 spots on an old 14 mm lens Cooke, to achieve the flattened cinematic feel. Bernie shots the ads through Nomad Films.