Taking its name from the possibilities of cartesian space, XYZ is a studio specializing in the art of commercial animation. Defined by its directors, each holds raw talent in multiple disciplines: all are hands on, all are technical, all are designers but of most importance, all are exquisite storytellers.

At XYZ, story always takes the lead. It motivates everything: technique, tone and tempo. We find animation formed this way is original and entrancing and able to change minds. Which is how we love to work – as artist’s inventing new worlds for the worlds coolest brands.

“With a host of talented directors and its ‘always original’ ethos, XYZ Studios is a creative giant. The company focuses on creating worlds and telling stories, no matter the tools it uses. And it does this like no other. Borders, conventions and perceptions mean little to this talented bunch, who continue to throw caution to the wind and invent fascinating worlds for their characters to live in.”

Larissa Meikle, Editor, Australian Creative