Short Film

Yolanda Centeno’s beautifully directed short film depicts the power of love at first sight. Although a common theme in modern film, this short plays with the idea of freezing moments in time to prolong the magic of studying the object of your affection. This unique and delightful take on an otherwise tried and true formula afforded Zugzwang nominations in numerous film festivals, ultimately receiving awards for best narrative, most outstanding woman filmmaker, best original score, and best editing— to name a few.

DIRECTOR: Yolanda Centeno
PRODUCER: Lavinia Barsotti
EXEC. PRODUCER: Bettina Mayr
ART DIRECTOR: Lorenzo Pomari
EDITOR: David Bertran
VFX: Alexander Rodríguez Hernandez, Jaime Seguí Torán, Heran Wang
1ST AD: Pablo Chozas
2ND AD: Jasone Urgoitia Urrutia

Behind the Scenes