Director Julien Vanhoenacker talks about his creative process on this exquisite project:

The inspiration for this film came from my fascination with the complex beauty of an environment illuminated solely by a car’s headlights. This visual enigma creates a window into the imagination where anything outside this narrow scope of illumination remains a mystery as only certain details emerge from the darkness. This aesthetic is further heightened by the tail lights as they burn jet trails of red hot light.

I find that gravity, like time, is fascinating because we have so little control over it. Inspired by Arthur C. Clarke’s Rama, in Cicle we created a tubular world with customized laws gravity; singular for the cars yet giving the sense the outer world could extend indefinitely in any direction. Further, the combination of light and environment allowed for unusual approaches to photography and camera angles.

For the soundtrack, we paired up with composer Richard Pyke from the band PVT and found a perfect match with the track “Shiver” connecting the sense of mystery, intimacy and wonder.

This is led to a quiet, relaxing and non-climactic short movie that tells the story of a different world, with different protagonists and a different purpose.

PVT: Official ‘Shiver’ clip, by Tex Crick:
Richard Pike: