SAMSHA - Free From Meth

Free From Meth

Substance Abuse and Mental Health Services Administration

Exploring the harsh reality of drug addiction and the empowerment of recovery, Bent Image Lab partnered with Crosby Marketing and SAMHSA to create this moody, hand painted PSA. On set with Jan, a real-life survivor of methamphetamine addiction, we developed a visual language of movement, posture and light to communicate the enveloping effects of addiction and the freedom found in recovery.

Special attention was given to light the silhouette through the vibrant red cloth, showing the struggle within. We kept the cloth’s motion organic by generating wind for the shroud and lift for the torn shreds. Knowing that our talent is a survivor of addiction, it was touching to direct his performance and provide him a method of benefiting the lives of others.

With our footage safe in hand, it was up to animators Tina Hsu and Sam Neimann to roto-paint with oil on glass and captured using the Dragonframe downshooter. Once each frame was saved digitally, the glass was scraped clean and the next frame began. Cathartic, perhaps, but no going back!

Executive Producer Rebecca C. Wells
Associate Producer Carlo Fiorio
Production Assistant Megan Deck
Art Director Greg Arden
Creative Directors Solomon Burbridge & Joshua Cox
Live Action Director Patrick Coan
Director of Photography Michael Skinner
Gaffer / Grip Matt Benda
Animator Tina Hsu
Animator Sam Niemann
Compositor Barna Howard