ADCC - No Sh*t Show

No Sh*t Show

The Advertising & Design Club of Canada

The Advertising & Design Club of Canada is a not-for-profit organization, that strives to encourage the highest possible quality of creative work in Canadian advertising and design.

Bent Design Lab made this short film for the Advertising and Design Club of Canada: A collaboration between 3 directors and their teams, “NO SH*T SHOW” Is a call to arms and an irreverent skewer of all the shit one encounters working in advertising and design.

Commissioned by the Advertising & Design Club of Canada, this film is an introduction to the 2018 ADCC Award Show.

Directors: Nathalie Cusson, Joshua Cox and Solomon Burbridge.
Art Direction: Greg Arden
Written: Solomon Burbridge
Cinematography: Jim Birkett, Mark Klassen
Camera assistant: Charlie Schache
Assistants to Ms Cusson: Kathy Soutsamrane, Olivier Paquette
Composite / 2d / 3d: Joshua Cox
3D: Patrick Coan
Sound Design: Jessica Pearson, Solomon Burbridge, Hans Lindauer
Edited: Joshua Cox
Actors: (in order of appearance)
Annie Kim Thériault, Penande Estime, Jack Reed, Danny Arellano, Sarah Deflaminis, Billie Knight, Omari Jazz, Nadia F. Almond-Chaparas

Special thanks:
Productions L’Éloi (studio);
Julien Valmary (project coordinator)