Planters - Nuttiest Time of the Year

Nuttiest Time of the Year


Bent Image Lab and VaynerMedia have teamed up to create holiday magic for Planters “The Nuttiest Time of the Year” holiday 2020 campaign.

When a young Mr. Peanut is given a red Santa’s cap from a nearby snowman, he suddenly finds himself in a world of stop-motion holiday magic. The inanimate snowman then comes to life and proceeds to show the newly transformed Mr. Peanut what the holidays are all about. Together they witness folks finding pleasure in comparing ugly sweaters and electrifying their houses with blinding holiday light shows. At the end of the tour, the snowman tells to Mr Peanut, “But it’s all about giving and the best gift is you.” Just then, a lurking nutcracker ominously snaps his jaw at Mr. Peanut, leaving us to wonder if the nutcracker has interpreted the concept of “gift” in the wrong way.

“What we’ve created is an alternate reality for Mr. Peanut to experience,” says director Chel White. “Ever since the early 1960’s, people have had strong associations between the December holidays and the hand made look of stop motion animation. So we were excited to see Mr. Peanut, now middle aged, continue his story in this toy-like miniature world.”

Client: Planters
Agency: Vayner Media

Director: Chel White
Sr Executive Producer: Ray Di Carlo
Executive Producer: Rebecca C. Wells
Producer: Anthony Greene
Production Coordinator: Brooke Burgess
Production Assistant: Lucius Woodhouse
Character: Design Robin Ator
Editor: Brent Heise
Colorist: Cameron Carson
Director of Photography: Mark Eifert
Director of Photography: Dan Ackerman
Animation Supervisor: Teresa Drilling
Animator: Ken Lidster
Animator: Vanessa Pridgen
Head of Puppets: Christina Shrier
Costume Designer: Sarah Faber
Set Designer: Ans Ellis
Armaturist: Gary McRobert
Model: Maker Albert Adee
Fabrication R&D: Marissa Dorman
Fabricator: Sofia Perez
Fabricator: Andy Lohmann
Fabricator: Samala Coffey
Fabricator: Rima Litonjua
Fabricator: Hannah Bearden
Fabricator: Magda Bieszczak
Fabricator: Anneke Schoneveld
Silicone Painter: Amber Arpin
Silicone Painter: Claire Brooksbank
Mold Maker: Kevin Gorby
Carpenter: Chris Heard
CG Supervisor: Patrick Coan
2D Supervisor: Adam Sager
CG Modeler: Kenneth Kurras
CG Rigger: Chris Boylan
CG Animator: Eric Molina
CG Artist: Dorn Roberts
CG Arist: Javier León Carrillo
Compositor: Dan Kim
Compositor: Barna Howard

Special Thanks: Qlbeans
Special Thanks: Woodshop