SoFi - Investing is Weird

Investing is Weird


Bent Image Lab collaborated with the millennial investing firm SoFi on a series of motion vignettes meant for multiple uses. Using a combination of CGI and Live Action, these highly art directed videos highlight why SoFi is a great choice for money management.

BIL sat down with the SoFi team and came up with visual metaphors that show all the weird things people do, like drink fermented tea, ride razor scooters, & check up on their ex via social media.

“It was an unique process to talk about all the weird stuff people accept as normal, and how investing is in the same category.” said director Joshua Cox, adding “collaborating with the client directly at this level gave us an extra investment in the imagery and story.”

The result is a series of stylized, pop art inspired and social media infused videos that can be rearranged and edited to convey a variety of aspects of the company’s needs. These vignettes have been used successfully across multiple platforms, like Facebook, customer mailers, banner ads and print.

DIRECTORS: Solo Mon, Joshua Cox
Executive Producer: Anthony Greene
Producer: Rebecca C. Wells
CG Supervisor: Stef Kofman
Art Director: Gregory Arden
2D Illustration: Jesse McManus, Ean McNamara
Art Dept.: John Kirkley
Animator: Tina Hsu
Technical Directors: Patrick Coan, Sarah Deflaminis, Brandon Baldock
TD/Compositor: Isaiah Palmer
Compositor: Cameron Carson, Dan Kim
3D Modeling: Ramon Ramos, Kailer Cho, Javier Tomassi
DP: Jim Birkett
Gaffer: Joel Stikorb
Wardrobe: Jessica Needham
PA: Alex Fattal
Talent: Anna Knight, Hannah Blazer, Kyle Wallace
Editor: Brent Heise